Monday, September 10, 2007

Taste in Convo

Reading some of the post from the other students i noticed that many of you talked about tasting and watching others taste while in Convo. Tasting is something that is going out of style fats do to the fast paced life style that a lot of people seem to think is mandatory. If we were to all just take a step back we would be able to taste the food we are eating and see that not all of it tastes as good as we once thought.

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Stacey Sadowski said...

Tasting is such a weird sense to act because normally people don’t just taste something. In convo there are so many other things going on it is hard to concentrate on just that sensation. In class I could kind of recall what things tasted like, but I found it difficult. I think that we don’t normally taste everything we eat because we already know what it tastes like (or at least what we think it tastes like). There are too many other things going on for you brain to process every bite of food every time you taste something. But, we often notice when something is very good or very bad, so it would seem that we just go along with what something tastes like until it is different.